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Cialis (tadalafil) is a medicine intended for the therapy of male sex-related problems that could be typically described as an inability of a guy to achieve a construction that would be hard sufficient to have sex. You are not supposed to take Cialis and make love if you were informed by your physician to avoid sex as it could potentially place way too much pressure on your heart. If you make love anyway, the following symptoms could happen: fainting, chest pain and serious lightheadedness. Make certain you stop the task if you discover these signs and speak to your physician as quickly as feasible. Such medical conditions as liver condition, reduced or higher blood tension, heart attack, breast discomfort, bodily deformity of the penis, renal disease, blood cell condition, a past of a cardiovascular disease, retinitis pigmentosa, a recent record of a stroke, cardiovascular disease, stomach abscess, and hemorrhaging ailment are expected to be stated to your medical professional before you start the procedure, as they can affect the dose you are recommended. Avoid taking even more of Cialis compared to recommended, as this could induce such signs as irregular heartbeat, breast pain, nausea, light-headedness, and fainting, and you will have to look for emergency situation medical support. Cialis mild negative side effects can be any of the following: muscular tissue discomfort, sore neck, warmth or redness in your face, neck, or chest, indigestion, problem, stale nose, diarrhea, memory issues, and pain in the back.

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